Secure and Scalable Data Storage Solutions

Store your data efficiently with Inisoft’s robust data storage solutions. Our data warehouses and lakes are designed to accommodate growing data volumes while ensuring high performance and accessibility.


The Data Warehouse/Lake: Essential for Modern Data Platforms

Serving as the historical repository for all organizational behavioral and transactional data, the Data Warehouse/Lake provides serverless auto-scaling, rapid performance, cost-efficiency, robust data governance, and enhanced developer productivity.


Key Features of MDS Data Warehouses/Lakes:

Auto-scaling for heavy workloads

Strong security and access control

Support for both batch and real-time data ingestion

Comprehensive information schema

Data governance capabilities

Support for open data formats 

Data Storage Use Cases

  • Data Consolidation
    Quickly extract data from various structured sources within your organization (such as point-of-sale systems, websites, and email address lists) and bring them together in a single location for analysis and generating statistics.
  • Real-time Decision Making
    Analyze data in real-time to identify opportunities, achieve efficiency, reduce costs, and proactively address challenges or respond to business events.
  • Custom Reporting and Ad Hoc Analysis Enablement
    Keep historical and operational data on separate servers so end users can access historical data and create their own reports and queries without affecting operational system performance or needing assistance from the IT team.
  • Incorporation of Machine Learning and AI
    Gather historical and real-time data to develop algorithms that provide predictive statistics, such as anticipating traffic increases or suggesting relevant products to a customer browsing a website.

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