Agribusiness and Financial trading platform.

A self-management platform that allows clients to trade in real time.

The Challenge

Develop technology to grow the business

The company had a legacy working method based on manual data entry and manual trading that limited the business growth both in the number of daily transactions and the geographic scope. The information was decentralized in different systems, and we had to make a new service layer to interpret and unify the information to have it ready to be used.
Software development from scratch
The Solution

Software development from scratch. 


We built a self-management platform that allows clients to trade in real time and access all the financial and agricultural products and instruments the company markets.

We joined the LBO team with the roles of Software Architect, DevOps, Product Owner, Data Analyst, Full Stack Engineer, Front End Engineer, and QA automation engineer.

We developed the web application based on a microservices architecture built on top of an on-premise cloud service, using RabbitMQ as a message-broker software and combined continuous integration practices (CI/CD).

Regarding technologies, we implemented NODEJS, Python, and Golang in the backend and Angular in the front end. We used PostgreSQL as the database and drove the integration to thirty-party systems both by APIs or doing reverse engineering of legacy systems. Additionally, we used a DevOps stack that included DockerGrafana, and ElasticSearch. We used MySQL as a database, web services SOAP, sockets, and APIs rest.

The outcome

100% quarterly growth rate

The product was deployed to production in 2021 and the client has had a 100% quarterly growth rate since then and they are now considered as regional leaders both by customers and competitors.

Technologies involved in the project

Financial tradintg platform technologies

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