Platform as service  for events.

A B2B solution to manage tickets for mass events that has become a full circle event management application.

The Challenge

Gain control and generate data to make decisions. 

Mass event organizers used to spend a lot of money printing tickets and had insufficient control over the people assisting, having no demographic information available to make decisions and, even more problematic, no reliable information about money as it was collected by hand.
Software development
The Solution
Software development from scratch. 

Inisoft Global developed a web application with the aim of not only selling tickets but also having a commercial management platform for event administrators, who need to handle, on one side, multiple vendors and products, free entrances, quotas, discounts, and ticket time management. And, on the other side, security controls needed the day of the event at different reception points at the same time.

The technological solution was based on a microservices architecture built on top of AWS, with the integration of the following services: GuardDuty, ECR, S3, EFS, Athena, Route 53 implementing Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon API Gateway and Lambda Serverless for DynamoDB and Amazon SES, among others. Regarding the tech stack, we used PHP, NODEJS, using NEST as its framework, and PYTHON for the backend and ANGULAR and VUEJS in the front-end. We also implemented a customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email; Docker, to deliver software in packages called containers, and RabbitMQ, as an open-source message-broker software used to implement the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol.

The outcome

Web application wholly integrated and adaptable to different needs

TQR, the web application, is capable of handling multiple and simultaneous massive events, actually more than 300 sellers are selling tickets in real-time. Our customers reported an 3x increase in sales, an important decrease in costs, and a better commercial image after the change from the traditional sales system to the new online system by QR. This application is in evolution now adding day to day new features.

Technologies involved in the project

Technologies - Platform as Service

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