Telecom's Groundbreaking Success

For executing a high-impact digital transformation, we implemented a program incorporating artificial intelligence, automation, and development to achieve a 20% cost reduction within a year.

The Challenge

The current undertaking revolves around digitally transforming a previously manual-operating company by implementing automation, data analysis, and a data-driven approach, all while prioritizing user experience. The primary goal is to diminish operational costs, bolster application performance, initiate process re-engineering, and elevate User Experience (UX) within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

The Solution


To carry out this transformation, we employed three distinct approaches:

User Experience (UX)

The goal was to optimize and boost the company's sales. To achieve this, we are creating an application that provides users with access to materials, roadmaps, and comprehensive insights into upcoming events. The technology stack includes UX UI, React developers, Docusaurus, and SQL. Emphasis was placed on product design, resulting in a positive shift in the company's software development perspective. This involved a deep understanding and analysis of challenges to establish an action plan aligned with client objectives.

Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

Automation played a crucial role in cost reduction and process improvement. We devised an annual plan to reduce operational costs, streamline process speed, and manage incidents. The investment made is guaranteed through solutions leveraging Automation Anywhere and Python.

Data Insights

We implemented a data culture to track all processes online, enabling both tactical and strategic decision-making. The transition from an intuitive solution framework to evidence-based solutions was a key aspect. Additionally, we transformed the entire Business Intelligence (BI) model, including the generation of interconnected dashboards with the client's master database. This makes complex information visible in a simple manner for better decision-making. A governance program was also implemented to reorganize all information into a single source of truth.

Unleashing AI: Transforming Data, Powering Efficiency. Coming Soon...

We are working on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence solutions to join the Large Language Model, aiming to transform all data into insights and make the business more efficient.


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