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A continuous delivery program adapted to the client’s changing needs.

The Challenge

Improving backoffice user experience

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The company was facing daily difficulties in the backoffice, from frequent code bugs to the overlaping user requirements that led to errors and loss of sales. The company needed to improve backoffice user experience by re-designing the reservation prioritization system, unifying user profiles across all apps and  auto-update of their catalog along with new features as improved product search, barcode scan integration, creation of waitlists for VIP customers. All this, based in a microservices architecture, Implementing serverless environment using google cloud GCP Functions, App Engine and Pub Sub queues.
Software Developers

The Solution

Team augmentation

Inisoft identified a team of experienced engineers to take over the project and improve backoffice user experience by developing queue prioritization, unifying user profiles across all apps, and auto-update of their catalog. Also, based on a microservices architecture, Implemented serverless environment using Google Cloud, GCP, and Functions.

The outcome

A continuous delivery program adapted to the client’s changing needs.Sin título (477 × 273 px) (6)

Inisoft engineers, in collaboration with the client’s team, achieved: 6 months of code working, up to now, with no bugs reported; improved high quality bug-free code, traceability of reservations across all microservices with logging and asynchronous communications, and more than 3 applications ready to be deployed in Google Cloud as part pf a continuous delivery program adapted to the client’s changing needs.


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Technology director

"Inisoft provided a Tech Lead, a Bussines Analyst and 4 front end developers. They're still a crucial part of the team and some of them have been promoted to a leadership position. We are happy because they are kind and high skilled people, always well predisposed to work. "

Technology Director. 

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