ODC for a Canadian Fintech

Accelerating Growth and Brand Positioning in Latin America

The Challenge

Accelerate Growth and Brand Positioning in Latin America

The Client, a Canadian fintech company, faced the imperative of expanding its development team and establishing its brand presence in Latin America within a two-year timeframe. Our collaboration enabled them to achieve these goals successfully, demonstrating our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Product development
The Solution

Offshore Development Center


To address their requirements, we initiated an Offshore Development Center (ODC) based in Argentina and provided a comprehensive range of development services. These services encompassed critical areas such as front-end development, backend development, API development, and IT support, among others.

One of the key highlights of our collaboration was the effective management of a dedicated team of over 100 skilled professionals. By leveraging their expertise and leveraging our industry experience, we ensured seamless coordination, efficient execution, and the delivery of high-quality solutions for Flexiti.

Throughout the project, our team worked closely with The Client's stakeholders, aligning our services with their specific business objectives. By leveraging our technical proficiency and industry insights, we were able to meet and exceed their expectations, contributing to their growth and brand positioning efforts in Latin America.

The outcome

100% Growth in Development Capabilities at just 25% of the Cost

The success achieved in our partnership with the Client not only propelled their growth but also demonstrated our capabilities as a reliable and strategic technological services provider. We take pride in the outcomes we delivered, helping the Client achieve its goals while showcasing our commitment to excellence.


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