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The Challenge

Develop a B2B world class platform to scale business

Inisoft Global integrated a trading platform that allowed to digitize the entire business operations and expand it to B2C, scaling the results and putting it on par with the first level exchange.
Product development
The Solution

Product development


We developed a web application based on a microservices architecture built on top of AZURE using the following services: Key Vault, AD, RBACK Polices, AKS Kubernetes, Rancher, Prometheus, Elastic Search and Grafana, POD volumen with SQL, Azure Devops, CI/CD, GitLab, RabbitMQ. We also provided a DevOps Engineer who made the security integration and worked with Terraform as the open-source infrastructure as a code software tool that enabled us to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure.

Regarding the tech stack, we used: NODEJS, NEST, PYTHON, ANGULAR, Docker, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL 

To improve monitoring performance we provided a senior Database Administrator to design and analyze its performance implementing ZABBIX . We also developed automated bots and integrations with third-party exchanges and internal products. 

To develop the onboarding system, we applied: AML policies, AML compliance, KYC procedures, including identity validation through a POC made with biometrics. 

To boost user experience, we implemented funds extraction procedures with strict rules to make transactions in real-time. We also drove the integration with one of the most important exchanges in the market.

Additionally, we developed an order management engine with a mode currency converter in real-time allowing the application to manage thousands of operations per second in real-time.

The outcome

100% quarterly growth rate

The product was deployed to production in 2021 and the client has had a 100% quarterly growth rate since then and they are now considered as regional leaders both by customers and competitors.


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