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Accelerating Growth and Brand Positioning in Latin America



What is the BOT model?

BOT stands for Build-Operate-Transfer. Just as the name suggests, in this model, the offshore provider will build a department, operate the team remotely for a predefined time, and then transfer all of it to you. At the end of the project, the entire subsidiary, including personnel and intellectual property is transferred to the original requester.

What are the benefits for the model itself? There are so many to name such as putting products on the market faster, cost saving and profitability, minimized risks, logistics, ready resources, rapid scaling, and new technologies. It is an attractive option for expanding internationally or outsourcing operations efficiently.

The Challenge

Accelerate Growth and Brand Positioning in Latin America

The client, an American data consulting company, made the decision to expand into Latin America with the idea of forming a data project in less than a month. They aimed to hire and manage a team of 20 data analysts and engage 5 data engineers for a Snowflake migration project. We are successfully achieving these objectives, demonstrating our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Product development
The Solution

 BOT Model

Our BOT process consists of three stages:

  1. The first stage involves staff augmentation, where we provide additional team members to complement the client's existing workforce.

  2. In the second stage, we focus on scaling the team while keeping costs and margins in mind. This allows us to expand the resources and capabilities available to the client efficiently.

  3. The third stage entails discussing with the client the possibility of transferring the project or team. We work closely with the client to determine the best course of action for a smooth transition and ensure a successful transfer.


One key aspect of our involvement in the process was the effectiveness of our recruitment team, who demonstrated their skills in generating precise contacts that align with the client's requirements. In just a few weeks, our team has already presented around 30 pre-vetted candidates, 9 of witch have already been hired.

While the project keeps being ongoing our team continues working at the same pace in order to meet deadlines and complete the 25 people team .

Our added value lies in the technical feedback provided throughout the recruitment process, which allows us to be highly precise, as well as in the post-kickoff project management to ensure the desired outcome.

Throughout the project development, our team closely collaborated with the stakeholders of the Client, tailoring our services to their specific business objectives. By leveraging our technical expertise and industry insights, we were able to exceed their expectations and actively contribute to their growth and brand positioning efforts in Latin America.

The outcome


The success being achieved in our collaboration with the Client has not only propelled their growth but has also demonstrated our capabilities as a reliable and strategic technological services provider. We take pride in the results we are delivering, helping the Client achieve their goals while showcasing our commitment to excellence.


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