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The 6 best QA automation tools for 2022

Here are 6 of the best QA automation tools you can consider for quality assurance testing in your project.

There are many tools to help with quality assurance testing, but not all of them will suit your needs. To quickly evaluate the best QA automation tools for you, we have taken into consideration what types and how often they should be used in order to find out which product is the right fit!

Quality assurance automation tools are an excellent way to free up time on your team by taking over repetitive tasks. These software programs can be used for both web and mobile testing, making them perfect in the ever-changing tech world.

Automation tools can be a great way to take the mundane stuff off your plate during day-to-day operations. They can be used to help improve quality assurance during software development by any QA automation engineer. 

The following are 6 of the best QA tools to help your software development efforts.


This QA automation tool is excellent for testing with artificial intelligence.

Testim's AI-powered software can help you create stable, customized tests resistant to bugs and errors. It will automatically sort through different browser types on your behalf while publishing informative bug reports for any issues in the process.

Testim caters to the needs of both beginner and advanced users, making it easy for anyone on your team - no matter their technical skill level to create code-free tests. Plus, excellent customer service ensures you'll be satisfied with every purchase.

The best part about Testim is that they offer pixel-level validation for free. So, if you need to ensure your images are perfect at every point, this service will help with all of those little details. 

You can also try out their low-cost plan, which gives access to up 1000 runs per month before it starts charging according to pricing levels requested later on down the line.


A great quality assurance tool powered by AI for desktop and mobile.

It's no longer a question of whether or not you should use Autify, but how. With its self-healing AI and shorter release cycles, your team can work faster than ever before to deliver top-quality software for customers.

Test automation with Autify has never been easier. With its intuitive UI, you can conduct tests without coding knowledge and customize them to fit your needs perfectly.

Autify's powerful suite of tools can help you test your web and mobile applications across browsers and email tests for JavaScript errors. With Autifys' cross-device capabilities that include local replays and Salesforce Lightning support, it is easy to see how they have become one, if not the premier, company in testing software development.

With every release, Autify integrates with services such as your CI/CD tools, CircleCI, Jenkins, and Slack.

Prices vary depending on your needs. They start at a $300/month no-contract starting package.

3-QA Wolf

If you need a fast test QA automation tool, you need QA Wolf.

QA Wolf is an easy-to-use, on-demand test automation tool that prioritizes team collaboration and facilitates test creation. This process can be challenging for teams with varying skill levels, but QAWolf makes it possible to overcome these challenges through its user interface, which makes testing fun again.

QA Wolf provides a single platform for teamwork that enables easy collaboration. With the company dashboard, team members can view each other's tests and share direct links to them or create new ones together; video logs accurately record any test failures, so problems don't go unnoticed.

This tool's integrations are also noteworthy. The tool integrates with Netlify and Google Chrome Analytics for test creation to track traffic on your website or app. In both cases, it will notify you about any errors that may occur during testing so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Plans start at $40 per month, and they also have a free version with 100 runs per month.


Mobile app testing platform with QA automation.

Kobiton provides a complete mobile app testing platform that enables users to build, test, and release apps on any device. QA teams can perform functional tests and performance or visual inspections with the help of AI-driven scripts without writing code.

In addition, this service includes capabilities such as creating your own automated processes using automation tools like shell commands which will save you time when trying out new features before releasing them into production.

Instead of spending hours manually script testing, you can now generate Appium scripts automatically. This way, your tests will be more efficient and less time-consuming.

Kobiton offers full support for test automation frameworks such as Appium, Espresso, and XCTest. Lesser-known ones will require custom integrations, but they can be integrated into all major CI/CD platforms, along with automatic JIRA ticket creation containing video evidence on specific devices so that you don't miss any errors while testing.

This app costs from $50 to $1400 per month for unlimited users. They also have a free trial for up to 120 device minutes.


An automation tool for manual QA and minimal test maintenance? Yes, that is what testRigor does.

TestRigor has made it easy for QA professionals to automate their tests without programming knowledge. With the system, they can write plain English that anyone on your team will understand - making test automation more accessible than ever before.

In addition, testRigor's AI engine can make any tests extremely stable with minimal time spent on maintenance. This integration of CI/CD makes it easy for companies who want a smooth experience using these tools alongside each other - no matter what provider they use.

TestRigor is a powerful testing tool that can help you test for web, mobile-web apps, and native ones as well. It also supports SMS messages or calls with automated reporting, so your team knows each test's success before moving on to the next one.

It is a cloud-based platform with highly customizable plans starting from $300/month. There's an unlimited number of users and tests per suite, plus all tiers come equipped to help them master their skills.

6-Telerik Test Studio

Finally, on this list, a QA automation tool great for end-to-end visual testing: Telerik Test Studio.

Telerik Test Studio is an automated software tool for web and desktop applications, supporting functional UI-based tests and load performance audits. The product has a built-in test runner that can be used like any other Visual Studio plugin to edit your unit tests from within VS Code or on standalone platforms.

With a patented hybrid element detection system and OCR, Test Studio identifies elements based on both their object ID as well as an image. This allows them to store all the detected objects in one centralized location for future reference or analysis by users who may need access at any point during development.

The combination of automation techniques helps users avoid test flakiness and reduce maintenance that many codeless testing applications introduce.

Test Studio's open platform design means that it can be used by both developers and non-developers alike with the same test projects.

The intuitive low-code testing IDE enables QAs and developers to work together more efficiently by creating automation in the form of scripts while also giving them access right within Visual Studio.

It integrates seamlessly with popular CI/CD tools, such as Azure DevOps, Bamboo, Jenkins, Jira, TeamCity, CircleCI, and more.

The costs go from $2499 per perpetual floating-machine license.

Other tools

Of course, these are not the only tools that are great for QA automation. Selenium,, Apium, and WebDriver are other great options as well.


To ensure that you are getting the most out of your quality assurance testing, choosing the right tools for the job is essential. We have evaluated a variety of different QA automation tools and found that each one has its own unique benefits and use cases. By considering how often you will need to use a tool and what types of tests it can run, we hope that our comparison has helped you find the best product for your needs. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss your specific requirements in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact us. At Inisoft, we would be happy to help you find the perfect solution for automating your QA process! Please, schedule a meeting with us and tell us more about your project.

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