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Supercharge Your Business with Salesforce and Snowflake Integration

Salesforce and Snowflake have joined forces to offer a seamless, zero-ETL data sharing solution, helping businesses like yours to make faster, smarter decisions.


Harness the Power of BYOL

This groundbreaking integration is built upon the robust foundation of Snowflake Secure Data Sharing and Iceberg Tables. It ushers in a new era of data integration that eliminates bottlenecks and expedites the journey to valuable insights. 

This pioneering integration introduces a revolutionary way for joint customers to unlock the full potential of their Salesforce data by seamlessly fusing it with enterprise data residing in Snowflake. Organizations can now infuse their Snowflake workloads with the invaluable customer data and insights sourced from Salesforce Data Cloud.

This integration simplifies the conversion of data into actionable insights. For instance, consider a retail enterprise that swiftly merges its Salesforce sales data with external market trends from Snowflake. This dynamic combination empowers them to discern shifts in customer behavior, facilitating astute inventory management and data-driven marketing decisions. The result? Elevated customer experiences driven by AI-powered insights.

In the upcoming months, Salesforce and Snowflake have exciting plans to unveil BYOL Data Federation. This innovation will enable Snowflake data to be seamlessly accessed within Salesforce Data Cloud, completing the circle of bi-directional data sharing capabilities. This enhancement will serve to close the loop, expediting data activation and enhancing value for our valued joint customers.


Techniques for Leveraging Integration

Here are the key steps to make the most of this integration:

  1. Initiate the data sharing process from Salesforce Data Cloud: Get started by initiating the data sharing process from within Salesforce Data Cloud.

  2. Select a Snowflake target account and validate it: Choose the Snowflake target account where you want to share your data and ensure it's validated.

  3. Connect the Salesforce Data Cloud "Data Share" object with the Snowflake target: Establish a connection between the Salesforce Data Cloud "Data Share" object and your chosen Snowflake target to enable seamless data sharing.


Examples of Integration in Action 🌟

To illustrate the transformative potential of this integration, consider the following scenarios:

  1. Unified Customer Insights: A retail business used the integration to combine Salesforce sales data with market trends from Snowflake. The result? Smarter inventory management and better customer experiences.

  2. AI & Machine Learning: A tech company built AI models in Snowflake to determine customer purchase propensity scores. By merging Salesforce profiles with Snowflake's data, they unlocked valuable insights that drove sales.

  3. Real-Time Forecasting: A finance company combined Salesforce opportunity data with their finance data in Snowflake. This enabled them to build real-time forecasts that significantly improved their decision-making.


What Salesforce and Snowflake Integration Change For You 🌱

By embracing the Salesforce and Snowflake integration, you can unlock the true potential of your data. This integration empowers you to deliver better customer experiences, streamline your business processes, and make data work harder for your organization.

"Data integration is not just about technology; it's about driving business value."

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, having the right tools to harness your data can be a game-changer. Salesforce and Snowflake have come together to provide you with that game-changing tool. So, get ready to transform your business, make smarter decisions, and deliver exceptional service to your customers with this powerful integration.

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