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Is Agile software development still relevant? - We'll tell you why the answer is YES!

Agile software development has been used for many years and we believe it is still relevant in many teams today.

Whether you're building a small or large-scale project, there are many benefits to using Agile. For companies with less than 100 employees, it's easy for everyone on the team – even those who don't have specialized skills - to contribute meaningfully at every level of development. 

This approach also makes communication easier since anyone can talk directly about their part in creating something without worrying if they'll step out from beneath someone else's feet when making changes.

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, it is important to be able to adapt quickly. Agile development offers this ability with its emphasis on short cycles and frequent releases, which enables companies to keep up by creating new products or fixing previous ones in an ever-changing marketplace.

Here are 6 reasons we have gathered about why Agile software development is and will continue to be relevant.

Reasons why Agile software development is still relevant

It's collaborative

The Scrum method in software development entails daily meetings where team members share their progress and problems they're experiencing. These "scrums" help cultivate accountability and teamwork among peers on a project that could potentially benefit from one another's skillsets or expertise to come up with solutions for any issues preventing them from proceeding efficiently.

These meetings are a great way to keep everyone on schedule and create an environment where everyone can learn from others.

It's flexible

The Agile methodology is well-known for its flexibility and ability to adapt. This makes it perfect in situations where you might not have everything go your way but still want development on the project finished - like when things get setbacks. 

The time frame allows developers room enough that they can correct any errors before too much progress has been lost; by allowing these "what if" thoughts into our thinking early rather than trying later after things fall apart due to an unforeseen issue or problem at hand (such as Feature slipping), we prevent them altogether because there's always some sort of prevention plan in place.

It promotes efficiency

The flexibility of an Agile software development team is a significant benefit. It promotes an environment where problems can be solved efficiently because team members communicate and interact with each other frequently, leading to faster correction times and saving time and budget for your company's needs.

It's adaptive

The Agile approach to project management in software development is flexible, adaptable, and welcomes requirements and feedback changes. This way of thinking encourages innovation as it moves forward with risk-taking at every step throughout the process-value, adding to your company.

Seeks quality through constant testing

The focus of Agile software development is to test drive software. This ensures that any problems with the end product won't be evident until it's too late, and those who work on these projects learn from their mistakes along the way for the team to succeed together.

It offers transparency

Put simply; Agile is all about transparency. Stakeholders and product owners can see how their investment will be spent while developers work for them instead of against the customer's needs; everyone stays up-to-date on what each person knows or doesn't, so there are no surprises at launch time.


Agile software development has been used in many teams all over the world for many years now. Even those looking for software team augmentation still look for people with experience with this methodology. The reason? It works! It can help get things done efficiently, resulting in high-quality products and services.

Therefore, we believe that the transparency that the method offers, its adaptability, flexibility, and collaboration principles make it a methodology that is not only still relevant but that we will continue to see in the coming years.

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