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8 essential skills that make great Node Web Developers

Node web developers are in charge of one of the most popular open.source frameworks today. Here are 8 skills they should master.

Node web developers work with one of the most popular open-source frameworks in technology today: Node.js. The flexibility and ease of JavaScript, combined with the power of a fast async loop, have only increased.

Here are the 8 skills every Node.js developer should focus on to stay relevant in this fast-paced industry and that you should look for when augmenting your team:

Know Node js for backend or frontend and know it well

No matter whether it is a frontend developer, backend developer, or full-stack developer, knowing and understanding the language and structure of the JavaScript engine is key to developing an effective website that takes advantage of what JavaScript has to offer.

Understanding the underlying language also means you can use some of the same techniques as traditional development languages in other web technologies to create a more cohesive architecture for your website.

Web application frameworks

Using a web application framework will make your developer's life easier. It is highly recommended that they use one, as they provide many benefits over simple modules like HTTP or Sandsfoot - The Hybrid Web Application Framework.


The internet has always been a little more dangerous than most places, but nowadays, it feels like we live in a hackers' paradise. It's not just the government or big companies who are susceptible anymore- anyone can be hacked.

Therefore, we recommend your team familiarizes itself with OWASP Top 10 - an occasionally updated list of security concerns on the web you should know about so that your application is up to date and protected from potential vulnerabilities.

How to front end

The front end of a website is just as important to develop and design as the backend. Although the most significant part of working with Node.js has to do with the backend, Node web developers are likely also to have to go into the frontend from time to time to develop the user experience.

Therefore, it is crucial for Node.js developers to be familiar with frontend technologies, such as HTML, CSS, Client-Side Javascript, and others.


One of the most overlooked components in any web application is data storage. You need a way to store and retrieve dynamic information from your system, but there are so many options that it can be challenging to know where you should start.

Luckily for us, all Node web developers have to do is get right down their ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) tools, which will help take care of everything else as they're needed by using databases such as MySQL or SQLite among others, through simple code queries instead typed English sentences every time somebody wants something changed.

Another popular option for connecting to databases is Sequelize. This library provides a consistent API regardless of the type of database you're using, making it easy to define your table schema and update records and easily change engines if needed.

Package management

Node.js package management can be a bit overwhelming, especially with all the different tools and their varying qualities for doing similar tasks to keep your node application up-to-date across environments or even at start-up time.

What package manager should your Node web developers use? That is a question many of these professionals have been asking themselves as they learn how to develop using Node.js, but there are two main solutions: Yarn and npm (or NPM). Both offer their unique advantages depending on what your needs may be.

Cloud platforms

The right cloud platform will make your web application deployment easy and worry-free. AWS, Azure, or even Google Cloud Platform are all great options for hosting an API-based project with a 99% uptime SLA in place.

So, whether you are a small o larger company, you can tailor yourself to a comfortable developer experience. Some options to deploy Node.js applications to a cloud platform can be Heroku and Netlify.

Source control

You already know that source control is a must for every application, even the smallest ones. But there are different levels of "git" mastery. You might not need to learn more if your team uses it or has used them in the past - but then again, who knows what could happen.

Code can be complicated. But with the right tools, your Node web developers can keep their code clean and organized. 

Source control is a no-brainer, but there are different levels of git mastery. Therefore, it is wise for the developers to spend some time becoming familiar with git commands beyond "commit" and "checkout" to keep the codebase clean and orderly.

So, if you are looking for great Node web developers to augment your team, tell us more about your project! At Inisoft, we want to help you find the best fit, so please schedule a meeting today.

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