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3 non-monetary ways to reward and retain your react programmer team

Keeping your IT team motivated plays an important role in any business's success. Here are 3 non-monetary ways to implement it.

Whether you have a team with a react programmer, Golang, or other programming languages, keeping your team members motivated is an important factor in any business’s success. The first thing that may come to your mind is a monetary reward; however, there are other ways of encouraging employee behavior as part of a successful employee retention strategy.

Non-monetary incentives, such as praise and recognition, can be even more effective than monetary rewards. However, we are not saying that financial rewards are not effective. In fact, a combination of both will help employees perform well and stay happy at work.

Nonetheless, non-monetary incentives are not only cheaper but more effective than monetary ones. For example, it costs less to get a gift for your react native coder instead of giving them money as a present. One reason is that you can get many presents, for several employees, in bulk; therefore, it will be cheaper for you and your entire team to be happy.

Here are 3 non-monetary ways you can use to reward your react programmer team

As we mentioned above, money is not the only incentive that works in any team. Sometimes all someone needs are to feel valued and heard. 

For this reason, we will present you with three ways you can retain your team members by rewarding them without having to spend extra money.

1. Listen to your team members

Whether a programmer works with reactjs devtools or fixes bugs, they will most likely have frustrations and complaints about their job and employer. They all do; however, in general, they may choose to remain silent for fear of losing their job.

But, if these complaints are addressed, the company can become a more enjoyable place to work. If they are legitimate complaints, it is necessary to do something about them. You could perform a simple 3-question survey, for example, to understand if there are common points among the team members and take the feedback to improve.

It may not be possible to fix the issues immediately, but you can at least work on a long-term effort to get there and have a more effective and happier workplace.

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2. Help advance careers

One great reason employees leave is that there's no room to grow. Therefore, if a company offers career advancement opportunities, it is an incentive for team members to do their best at all times.

In addition to this, another way to help your team advance their careers is by offering them courses, workshops, and other learning options to acquire new skills and experiences.

Suppose you have a programmer interested in learning reactjs; consider putting them on a project where they can learn alongside other developers that already know the language. Help your team find opportunities to work on projects where they can increase their knowledge and advance their career. 

This practice will do wonders in employee incentives, even more than just giving away monthly mentions of "best employee."

3. Consider other non-monetary perks

In addition to setting up a game room or giving free lunches, create events such as "innovation day" where team members can sit together and explore new ideas, some of which could even be scaled into projects within the company.

Another idea to consider is to create programs that increase life quality. For example, "No-meetings Friday" and banning evening emails. It may sound simple, but it is effective, and people will appreciate it. However, it has to start from the managers down.

Are non-monetary incentives worth it?

It is absolutely worth it. All you need to do is the math. Can you afford to lose your developers because they do not feel incentivized to do their best at their job? It is not only the project that will have setbacks but also you will have to go through the costs of onboarding a new programmer to take their place.

In fact, the expenses of adding a new react programmer, JavaScript programmer, Python programmer, or other can achieve thousands of dollars.

In all cases, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and engagement with your teams to make your workplace and company a more competitive place without investing in additional monetary rewards.

And, if you need to augment your team, please, schedule a meeting with us to learn more about how we can help you achieve it in record time.

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