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A solution that help users make better decisions when selecting a device to purchase.

The Challenge

Improve user experience and increase sales 

Our client was urged by a sudden decrease in user experience and found out that it was because of a non-accurate fit between the device and the environment in which it was installed. That is why they needed to boost user experience through a smarter and guided purchase.
Team augmentation
The Solution
Team augmentation
Inisoft provided a Senior Business Analyst and senior developers to assemble the team. We worked focused on user experience and made on-demand adjustments brought in the usability testing rounds. Also, we took part in the frontend development team with some of our vetted professionals developing an app that will be configurable using Episerver CMS, allowing the customer to iterate the product without writing code.

The outcome

Customer experience rose to 60% after the MPV release, and 85% is expected after the full version deployment.


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